Chris (theickymonster) wrote in christyfans,

Christy Carlson Romano's New Music Video ('Dive In')

As you may know, Disney Records just released 'Christy Carlson Romano: Her Greatest Disney Hits' which is just a handful of disney channel songs she did for 'even stevens' and 'kim possible',etc.

and now AOLmusic has the music video for the new song 'Dive In' and we need to spread the word!

Go to
for direct video, it will open in your brower

or go to
for christy's page for "audio and video".... :)

after you watch it, be sure to email it to friends and family, Post it at appropriate message forums,HECK
if you have a website post the link there!

Remember this is NOT her official material (it's assumed to be close) but it's another disney song..The difference?
This is a REAL video compared to the others and is pretty sweet, so let's share it!

have fun! ;)
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