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A Weekly Diary of Christy's!!

KOL (America Online's Kids Online) has a weekly diary now of Christy - that she writes in... The first post went up yesterday, and for those of you that DON'T have AOL, this is what she wrote:

Feb. 24th, 2004
"Everything is going great! 'Beauty and the Beast' has been selling out recently so its great to play to a full house... Seeing fans after the show is a true inspiration for 8 shows a week. I just finished my first week and everything went wonderful... the cast has been so supportive... On my day off I had a huge photo shoot for publicity purposes and had a wonderful time meeting a new photographer, stylist and am wearing a designer piece at my party tonight. The party is going to be very fun... I'll tell you more later... "

Like I said, this was taken DIRECTLY off the KOL site - for those of you WITH AOL, here is the link to Christy's KOL page:

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